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Notas del parche 8.10 - Lo de la jungla


Ya están aqui las notas del parche 8.10, que incluyen un montón de cambios a la jungla, la experiencia y como afecta a la presión en los primeros compases de las partidas:

Aquí, las notas en español
Base health regen decreased. E base damage decreased, damage ratio increased, and no longer deals bonus damage to secondary targets. E Armor shred now applies to secondary targets; duration increased.
The bonus damage Sion does to secondary targets struck by Roar of the Slayer is just too much: too much waveclear, too much poke, too much long-ranged lane control. By having E apply the armor shred to all targets struck, Q damage will be higher on targets struck by E, and further incentivize him to max Q (or at least to ensure there are more tradeoffs when he does opt into the ranged control E offers).​
Base stats
BASE HEALTH REGEN 10 per 5 seconds ⇒ 9 per 5 seconds
E - Roar of the Slayer
BASE DAMAGE 70/105/140/175/210 ⇒ 65/100/135/170/205
ABILITY POWER RATIO 0.40 ability power ⇒ 0.55 ability power
SECONDARY TARGET DAMAGE 130% ⇒ 100% to targets struck by a knocked-back enemy
ARMOR REDUCTION 20% to primary target ⇒ 20% to all targets hit by Roar of the Slayer or a knocked-back enemy
ARMOR REDUCTION DURATION 2.5 seconds ⇒ 4 seconds
R - Unstoppable Onslaught
NEWCOMING THROUGH Sion's ultimate is no longer obstructed by an allied Azir's R - Emperor's Divide

Dr. Mundo
R cost and cooldown increased.
Last patch's changes helped bring Mundo's ultimate to a more satisfying level of power, but decisions around when to invoke that power are a bit too forgiving. A longer cooldown and higher costs should make the timing of those choices more important.​
R - Sadism
COOLDOWN 100/85/70 seconds ⇒ 110/100/90 seconds
COST 20% current health ⇒ 25% current health

Movement speed increased.
Poppy’s changes last patch were intended to be approximately power neutral, but they ended up taking her down slightly. We're reverting the movement speed nerf to give Poppy more room to maneuver around fights (or just start them).​
Base stats

W ability power ratio removed. E and R ability power damage ratio increased.
Much like the Shyvana changes last patch, we want to make sure that damage-building Zac feels significantly different from tank Zac. While tank Zac has the durability to sit on his opponents' faces spamming W, a damage-oriented Zac can't survive that punishment as easily. Shifting his AP ratios out of W and onto his higher-impact abilities should ensure that when Zac does build damage, he feels like he was made for it, literally.​
W - Unstable Matter
REMOVED ABILITY POWER RATIO No longer deals an additional 2% targets' max health per 100 ability power (base max health damage unchanged)
E - Elastic Slingshot
RATIO 0.70 ability power ⇒ 0.90 ability power
R - Let's Bounce!
RATIO 0.70 ability power ⇒ 0.90 ability power

W mana cost decreased.
The high mana cost of Bard's W limits his uptime, especially in the laning phase. With a lower mana cost, he won't have to choose quite as directly between providing some healing to himself or his allies and having the mana to make plays on the map.​
W - Caretaker's Shrine
COST 90 mana ⇒ 70 mana

Small quality of life buff.​
Passive - Mark of the Kindred
NEW PACK HUNTER If an ally kills a hunted jungle monster within 6 seconds of Kindred damaging it, Kindred will still acquire the passive stack

UPDATED Runic Echoes
Now builds out of Lost Chapter instead of Aether Wisp. Movement Speed removed. Cooldown reduction and Mana added.
Mage junglers have been pretty scarce on the Rift for a while, and we're looking to change that. Changing Runic Echoes' buildpath to grant mana and cooldown reduction (both core mage stats) and increasing its overall stat efficiency should open the door for more mages to tango with jungle monsters.​
We've also made changes to Hunter's Talisman (check those out below) which should help spellcasters feel better about jungling even before they pick up Runic Echoes.​
TOTAL COST 2625 gold (unchanged)
BUILD PATH Aether Wisp + Stalker's Blade + Amplifying Tome + 345 gold⇒ Stalker's Blade + Lost Chapter + 325 gold

Warding Totem
Wards last longer but have a higher cooldown.
These changes increase the value of a well-placed ward, the cost of a bad one, and the payoff for successful ward-sweeping. Three birds, two stones!​
WARD DURATION 60-120 seconds (at levels 1-18) ⇒ 90-180 seconds (at levels 1-18)
CHARGE TIMER 180-90 seconds (at levels 1-18) ⇒ 240-120 seconds (at levels 1-18)

Support & Jungle Item Exclusivity
You can no longer have both a jungle item and a support item.
Jungle items and gold items are both tuned to give unique, lower-cost power to their roles, which often operate on lower incomes than farming roles. We've had to combat the occasional cannibalization of support gold items by junglers, and at this point it's safer to just cut that option off.​
YOU MUST CHOOSE WISELY You can no longer own Hunter's Machete, Hunter's Talisman, or their upgrades at the same time as Ancient Coin, Spellthief's Edge, Relic Shield, or their upgrades

Balance pass.​
Cheap Shot damage increased. Ingenious Hunter item cooldown reduction more front-weighted toward initial value.

Cheap Shot
DAMAGE 12-30 ⇒ 15-60

Ingenious Hunter

Phase Rush's movement speed increased.

Phase Rush
MOVEMENT SPEED 15-40% ⇒ 25-40%

Demolish base damage increased. Chrysalis health decreased. Bone Plating damage reduction decreased.

BASE DAMAGE 125 ⇒ 175
HEALTH 60 ⇒ 50

Bone Plating
DAMAGE REDUCTION 20-50 ⇒ 15-40

Stopwatch available earlier. Hextech Flashtraption in-combat lockout duration decreased.

Perfect Timing
TIME AVAILABLE 10 minutes ⇒ 8 minutes

Hextech Flashtraption
IN-COMBAT LOCKOUT 10 seconds ⇒ 2 seconds

Camp Experience
Jungle monsters give less experience, but experience scales with level.
Junglers have had too much of an impact in the early game. Specifically, they’ve too frequently been able to gank at level 3 before solo laners even reach that level. We’re looking to decrease consistent access to early jungle pressure but offer a more valuable Rift Scuttler as a new way for junglers to gain a lead.​
REMOVEDS LOW DOWN Experience no longer reduced by 5% per level champion is ahead of the camp being taken.
NEW RAID BOSS Monster camp experience now scales with level, capping at level 7.
BLUE SENTINEL 180 ⇒ 115 - 180 (at levels 1-7)
RED BRAMBLEBACK 180 ⇒ 115 - 180 (at levels 1-7)
LARGE KRUG 125 ⇒ 100 - 157 (at levels 1-7)
MEDIUM KRUG 35 ⇒ 35 - 55 (at levels 1-7)
SMALL KRUG 7 ⇒ 7 - 11 (at levels 1-7)
LARGE WOLF 100 ⇒ 65 - 102 (at levels 1-7)
SMALL WOLVES 40 ⇒ 25 - 39 (at levels 1-7)
LARGE RAZORBEAK 62 ⇒ 56 - 88 (at levels 1-7)
SMALL RAZORBEAKS 35 ⇒ 19 - 30 (at levels 1-7)
GROMP 200 ⇒ 115 - 180 (at levels 1-7)
REMOVED GRIMP Gromp no longer grants 37.5% reduced experience on its first clear
REMOVED FALSE START Medium Krugs, Small Krugs, and Large Razorbeak no longer grant 25% reduced experience on their first clear
WHEATIES Large Krug's first clear experience reduction 50% ⇒ 30%

Rift Scuttler
Two Rift scuttlers spawn at the start of the game, but after both die, only one spawns at a time for the remainder of the game. That Rift Scuttler is tankier early and worth significantly more experience.
Rift Scuttler isn’t the hotly contested objective we’d like it to be, so we’re looking to up the reward ya girl Scuttle gives to encourage more interaction between junglers—and teams—as the game progresses. Becoming the Scuttle slayer will now give junglers an experience edge over their opponents, not just a spot of vision.​
HEALTH 800-3920 (based on level) ⇒ 1200-2480 (based on level)
EXPERIENCE GRANTED 10 ⇒ 115-230 (at levels 1-9)
GOLD REWARD 70 ⇒ 70-140 (at levels 1-9)
NEW TWO CRAB ENTER At initial spawn, Scuttlers will spawn in the top and bottom river. Both must be killed before the respawn timer activates.
THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE Once both initial Rift Scuttlers are killed, only one Rift Scuttler can be on the map at any given time for the rest of the game. Respawn locations are randomly determined, but signaled ahead of time with a respawn marker.
RESPAWN TIME 180 seconds ⇒ 135 seconds
NEW SHIELDS UP Scuttler's extra defenses now have a particle to indicate when she's protected and when the shield has been broken
UPDATED MY CABBAGES Rift Scuttler's chance of trying to steal a honeyfruit is significantly decreased

Starting jungle items have been updated. Just read the changelists.
Hunter's Talisman
Hunter’s Talisman has been relatively weak and we’re looking to buff it. These changes should also help expand the jungle roster to include champions that have mana problems in their first clear.​
KINDLE DAMAGE 45 damage over 5 seconds ⇒ 60 damage over 5 seconds
KINDLE HEAL 25 health over 5 seconds ⇒ 30 health over 5 seconds
UPDATED KINDLED amage over 5 seconds is no longer amped to 75 if you have bonus health
REMOVED BASE MANA REGEN 150% while in the jungle
NEW MAGIC OF THE JUNGLE Up to 40 mana per 5 seconds based on missing mana while in the jungle or river
Hunter's Machete
We’re removing the attack speed buff given by Hunter’s Machete and providing power elsewhere on the item. We initially gave it attack speed so junglers wouldn’t be forced into the Precision tree, but this has become less of a problem after the introduction of rune set bonus splitting. We'll be watching to see if any junglers are hit hard by these changes and try to compensate as necessary.​
REMOVEDCHOP CHOP Attacking jungle monsters no longer grants 15% bonus attack speed for 2 seconds
Skirmisher's Sabre
Inheriting the changes to Talisman and Machete.​
REMOVED CHOP CHOP Attacking jungle monsters no longer grants 15% bonus attack speed for 2 seconds
REMOVED BASE MANA REGEN 225% while in the jungle
NEW MAGIC OF THE JUNGLE Up to 40 mana per 5 seconds based on missing mana while in the jungle or river
Stalker's Blade
Inheriting the changes to Talisman and Machete.​
REMOVED CHOP CHOP Attacking jungle monsters no longer grants 15% bonus attack speed for 2 seconds
REMOVED BASE MANA REGEN 225% while in the jungle
NEW MAGIC OF THE JUNGLE Up to 40 mana per 5 seconds based on missing mana while in the jungle or river

Kill streak bounties are now granted only to the killer, not the team.
Currently, the rewards a player gets for performing well are too split amongst the whole team, and we'll be looking to remedy that over time. We're starting this patch with Bounties, shifting the reward from a team one to a personal one, and we'll be investigating other team rewards going forward​
HEADHUNTER Assists on bounty kills no longer grant bonus gold.
ONE KILL 100 gold split among team ⇒ No bounty
TWO KILLS 150 gold split among team ⇒ No bounty
THREE KILLS 300 gold split among team ⇒ 200 gold to killer
FOUR KILLS 350 gold split among team ⇒ 250 gold to killer
FIVE KILLS 450 gold split among team ⇒ 300 gold to killer
SIX-PLUS KILLS4 50 gold split among team ⇒ 300 gold (+25 gold per kill beyond 5) to killer
BOUNTY CHANGE ON BEING KILLED Dying removes 3 bounty levels ⇒ Dying resets bounty to 0

You can now download the replays of other players’ Ranked and Clash games.
Whether scouting or reviewing replays of yourself or your Clash teammates, we want to make all competitive matches public domain for your perusal and improvement.​
REVIEW THE TAPE Clash matches will be available for download from an individual’s Match History pages in the client
SCOUT’S CODER anked matches are now available for download from an individual’s Match History pages in the client

League Client
LESS LAG Resolved an issue where the League Client was using more resources than it should have been while it was in the background. Higher end systems should see increased FPS.

  • LeBlanc's R - Mimic no longer causes her E - Ethereal Chains to reveal stealthed champions
  • Fixed a bug where swapping Hexflash to a different summoner would prevent that summoner spell from being used while in-combat
  • Kennen's W - Electrical Surge passive damage now correctly appears on Death Recap
  • Swain's E - Nevermove no longer incorrectly deals double damage to epic monsters
  • Presence of Mind now correctly reduces cooldowns for kills or assists while dead
  • Talon’s E - Assassin's Path will now be less likely to vault Talon in the opposite direction than was intended
  • Bard no longer can stun units against Gangplank's E - Powder Keg with his Q - Cosmic Binding
  • Garen's Q - Decisive Strike now correctly damages Teemo's R - Noxious Trapmushrooms
  • League Voice will now be more respectful of your default communications device
  • Beemo now flies out of the fountain at game start using Homeguard
  • Battlecast Cho’Gath’s E - Vorpal Spikes now sound more in line with the skin’s theme
  • SFX now only play once during Dragon Trainer Lulu’s dance
  • Star Guardian Ahri’s familiar no longer echos during Ahri’s joke
  • Activating Shurelya’s Reverie will no longer cancel channels